Dhampu hairstyle

Dhampu the elephant is getting ready for a party with friends. He goes to a hair salon “Lalu ”the bear who is a  hair stylist, to set his hair in order.

“what do you want me to do with these three hairs?”Lalu asked in confusion

“Make me plait out of them” Dhampu answered.

Lalu said “Ok” and very carefully he started tying a plait in the hair and 1 hair was out.

Dhampu was very upset finding only 2 hairs on his head.

“Ok make me 2 ponytails out of these” Dhampu instructed.

Lalu again set on doing his work very carefully this time, to make a ponytail. But again one more hair broke.

Dhampu was very very angry this time because he was left with only a strand of hair. So he said the hair dresser “just set my hair, I will go with the messy look.”



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