legend of Chinese Mid Autumn festival

Very long long ago in ancient China there were tens suns. Each of them fiery energetic and golden glow. Precious son of the emperor of the celestial court. They took time to bring light and warmth to earth. Each day one son would travel across the sky from east to west. Sons enjoyed being together after a while they didn’t want to be alone in the sky.
One day the ten suns decided to travel together. Ten Suns rose to the sky all at the same time. But the people on earth were very hurt and couldn’t bear it . Plants and trees dying. rocks melted and all the water began to dry up.
People of china beg the emperor Yao not to do this.

He emperor Yao asked Di Jun 帝俊 , the father of the Ten Sun’s, to persuade his children to appear one at a time.
He decided to send his most brave and clever archer Hou Yi 后羿 to talk to the ten suns.
Hou Yi too the bow and arrow and went to Kunlun mountain and with super strenght he shot down nine of the ten suns. He ordered the remaining one to rise and set according to the right time.
Emperor Jun was furious for he had not intended Hou Yi to kill his son. So he cast Hou Yi 后羿 and his wife Chang E 嫦娥 out of the celestial realm.
In order to gain his immortality Hou Yi sought out the Wang Mu, 西王母 Queen mother of the west in the Kunlun mountain 崑崙山.

He told Wester Queen mother the whole story.
Out of the respect for the good deed he had done and sympathy for the pair Queen mother rewarded Huo Yi 后羿 with elixir. A fine powder made from the kernal of the fruit which grow on the tree of eternity.

But the elixir came with a warning.
If he and his wife shared the elixir both will enjoy eternal life. But if only one of them took it that one would become God again while the other remained a mortal.
Hou Yi 后羿 Thanked the queen.

Not being able to bear the thought of parting with Chang-E, Hou Yi asked her wife Chang’e to keep the elixir hidden.
As she kept the elixir away, Peng Meng 彭萌 Saw it.
One Day when Hou Yi was out for hunting, With sword in hand , Peng Meng rushed to Chang-E’s quarters and forced her to give him the elixir.
Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to fight him, Chang-E took out the elixir and drank it immediately.
as soon as Chang-E 嫦娥 drank it , she flew out the window towards the Heavens.
Chang-E’s great love for her husband drew her towards the nearest celestial body, the moon.
Returned to his home as well as his wife .
Upon realizing what happened to his wife Hou Yi was grief stricken. he shouted Chang-E name to the skies. He was amazed to see a swaying shadow on the moon that was exactly like his wife.
Hou Yi took his wife’s favorite food and offered them up to her on altar. It became a memorial ceremony for Chang-E, who became being for the fortune and Peace.
The Story of Chang-E spread. with it, the custom of worshiping the moon spread as well.

To this day the goddess Chang-E rest on moon and looking over the people his husband once protected.
Wishing you a merry Mid-Autumn Festival, bliss, and happiness.


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