Chinumeenu is a gang of 5 friends who hang out together.
Chinu the boy, Meenu the girl, Dhampu the elephant ,Pitku the rabbit and Mithu the bird.

Behind the scene.
Mayur is an animator by profession and a passionate story-teller. He has designed the characters and the backgrounds of Chinumeenu.
Bhavana has scripted the stories and recorded the voice of these characters and is Bhavana practices singing with her harmonium. responsible for the sound of the video. She brings her singing skills into the script writing.
There are people whose contribution is not visible but are critical to the creation of “ChinuMeenu” like the family and friends whose unconditional support has brought us so far.
And most important the audience who watch our videos the readers who follow our blog and web pages makes us who we are. We appreciate your comments and feedback.

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We would like to hear from you.
This blog is the best place to find out more of ChinuMeenu.
Thank you for watching Chinumeenu and we Love you.

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  1. Namaste 😀 Is there an English translation for some of your videos? I’d love to understand them too – I’m thinking they’re in Hindi language or Punjabi? :}


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