Govardhan Puja

People of Gokuldham worshiped Govardhan Mountain. Indra was angered upon seeing the villagers’ devotion diverted away from him and toward Krishna. Indra decided to initiate thunderstorms and heavy rains in the city in reflex of his egoistic anger. To protect the people from the storms,
Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain with his little finger and provided shelter to all the people and cattle of the city. After 7–8 days of continuous storms,seeing the people of Gokul being unaffected, Indra accepted defeat and stopped the storms.
This is the occasion when we pray to the Govardhan mountain.

Dhunuchi nritya

Dhunachi Dance

Dhunachi ধুনুচি dance incense burner dance during arti during  ritualized dance worship. Its a frenzied dance with the censer, to the accompaniment of feverish dhak rolls during Durga Puja in Eastern India.

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