Ullambana 鬼節 Hungry Ghost Festival

Maudgalyayana discovers that his deceased mother was reborn into the preta or hungry ghost realm. She was in a wasted condition and Maudgalyayana tried to help her by giving her a bowl of rice. Unfortunately as a preta, she was unable to eat the rice as it was transformed into burning coal. Maudgalyayana then asks the Buddha to help him; whereupon Buddha explains how one is able to assist one’s current parents and deceased parents in this life and in one’s past seven lives by willingly offering food, etc., to the sangha or monastic community during Pravarana


Dhampu का Weight Loss

Dhampu gets over weight due to his sloppy eating habits. Friends resolve to make him fit and health. it turns out getting Dhampu to exercise is a mammoth task.

Will Chinu, Meenu, Pitku and Mithu help Dhampu to change his habit, reduce his weight? watch the video to know what happened.

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